Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time to update?

I stumbled upon my blog this morning and noticed that the last post was Roan's second birthday. That was December of last year, wow has time flown by. I will be updating the last year again soon. I am making a commitment to myself right here and now. I FINALLY graduate this year and these are things that I will be recommitting to do better at with all of my extra time:
- being a mom
- being a friend
- smiling more often
- happiness
- cooking and baking
- reading
- sewing
- kid's activities
- scrapbooking
- posting to my blog
- just enjoying the moments more often

I hope to be held to some of these. Especially the last one.

A little update on our life circumstances: We moved to Gilbert, AZ a few months ago - we finally converted as Melinda said. The kids started school and they are loving it. Their teachers are both very sweet and the school is wonderful. Both of them are doing extremely well and I'm so proud of them. Jaidyn is still obsessed with reading and Aston is loving learning. He's picking it up so fast. Every day I ask how their day was and they say "It was a green light day" then I usually reply with "Yes but how was YOUR day?". But I'm very happy about their 'green light day's' all the time.

More blog entries to come. . .

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