Friday, February 13, 2009


Ryan carries on the traditions he had from when he was a kid - on Christmas morning he makes the kids wait in the hallway for a picture before they are allowed to look at their presents.

Roan got a few little things and Ryan enjoyed unwrapping them just as much as Roan did.

Jaidyn, of course, is enthusiastic about just about everything she got. She is such a positive little girl. She makes gift giving so exciting.

And then there's poor Aston. He was such a sport. See, his nana and papa have this guitar that he picks up and plays rockstar all the time. He carries around and asks to bring it home. So, I took him to Toys R Us to check out the toy guitars to "see" if that was what he wanted from Santa. From that time on, he want the "fire guitar"(he named because of the blue and black flames). Santa had already picked another guitar for him and when he got it, he started to get excited and then stopped and said "Oh, I wanted the fire guitar"- Strike 1. Then, Santa got him a toy bow and arrows and mommy stepped on them and they broke in half - Strike 2. Last, Ryan and I got him a T-ball set and after a couple of hits with the bat, one of the legs broke on the base - Strike 3! Poor kid. But, he's such an easy going kid, he just moved on to the next thing every time. After the T-ball stand broke, he did say "Oh maaaan". That's about it. It was so sweet. And with transformers, and knights armor, and balls and all of the other fun things, all he really wanted to play with was the little 25 piece puzzle (one of his favorite past-times) and he was totally content for an hour. But, after the whole day was over, when we were coming home, he said so sincerely "I loved all of my presents". It was so sweet. Fortunately, Santa took back his guitar when we mailed it with a pleading letter and he sent back the 'fire guitar'. I don't think he normally does that, but in some rare situations, you might catch him and get him to understand.

Christmas Eve

We open up Ornaments and pajamas on Christmas Eve. Here's everyone accept Ryan in their P.J.'s. Yes, I even bought P.J's for Ryan and I, only because I found the cutest matching pajamas for Jaidyn and I, so I couldn't leave Ryan out. Nerdy, I know, but that's okay - I'm okay with nerdy.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Christmas in February

I'm getting really bad about this updating the blog thing. I know. Here is my lame, but true explanation for it. It's really due to 3 things:

1- Ryan has been studying for and taking the AZ CPA exams, which is great, but puts quite a damper on my life for the time being...all for a good cause though. And he just finished his 4th and final one. Woo hoo. He's passed the first 3, we'll just be waiting for the results on number 4 in March sometime.
2- I've been getting together everything I need to get my application into dental hygiene school, which I did a little over a week ago...YAY! I find out in a month or two.
3- Some of you know I'm technologically challenged, so it's a miracle I even have a blog. (Huh Lydia :)

I little side not to point #3, seriously, I have the attention span of like 30 seconds for the computer and if it doesn't work, I quit or I beg someone to help me. Ryan can attest to this.

Oh, and you're probably wondering why I labeled this like I did. Well, not like it matters to anyone but me, but I still don't have Christmas pictures up and so, needless to say, when I do, it will be in February. Oh well. Christmas in February would be awesome! Two in two months. Okay, well, reliving it in February is great too.