Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Roan

Our Sweet little Roan turned 1 December 19th. How quickly this year has gone by. He has been such a blessing to our home and brought with him, from the very beginning a special spirit that I know was meant to bless our home at that time in our lives. I'm so grateful for him and the pure love and happiness he has brought to our home. At this point, he has not found it necessary to switch to walking as his mode of transportation, though he is quite proficient at crawling. In fact, he is amazingly quick. He beats Ryan in races every time. His first real clear words have been "thank you" or "Di Dew"(I know, doesn't sound real clear, but he uses it completely appropriately- every time we hand him something). Anyway, here are some pictures of his little Birthday event. We just had his cousins and Nana and Papa come out to the train park where we played, had some cake and rode the train. And, I don't like bragging and I NEVER do it ;) but I made a freaking awesome cake. I mean seriously, I have spent 5 very long years attempting to show off my cake decorating skills - to no avail. I have tried princess dolls, castles and flowers, monkeys and spiderman. This one, the frosting actually stayed in place, you could look at it and know which direction to look from and what you were looking at. I know, you're looking at it like THAT is your best? But for me, it was AWESOME. So, I must show it off.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hi friends and family,
A dear, close friend of mine of many years that I love dearly just lost her sweet 6 week old baby. She was in the hospital from birth struggling with a heart defect. She fought a good fight, but in the end she was too precious and the Lord wanted her home. Her parents have been amazing through it all and have had so much on their plate. A family member set up a memorial fund through paypal for Jersey to help the parents with all of the many costs they have incurred. If you have any little bit that you would be willing to donate, anything at all I'm sure would be helpful to them. It's so quick and easy to do online. If you don't have a paypal account, it's very secure and great to have if you ever need to send someone money for anything. If you do, you can just put the amount in and send. Otherwise, you can contact me and I will add your amount to my donation. I think you can get to the fund through this link:
you can click on Anderson Avenue at the bottom of my blog
you can email me and I will add your amount to my donationThank you for your consideration.

Love, Britney